Friday, January 12, 2007

Tell Us Your Story

A reader recently responded to our blog entry “More Fraud, Misconduct at EPA” with a personal experience. He described how his family's electro-plating business was destroyed by EPA, which claimed it was polluting the groundwater. His parents lost everything, and 50 employees were thrown out of work. But then the groundwater tests failed to show there was any pollution after all. (See the Comments section for that blog posting.)

Also, we have recently heard from several people having problems due to the Endangered Species Act because of an eagle nest on their property, just as we described in our blog posting of December 29, 2006.

If you have been a similar victim of EPA or any other government agency or any regulation cited in our blog postings, and would like other people to know about your personal horror story, please tell us about it. You may send it to us via the “Comments” section at the end of every blog posting or by e-mailing it to American Liberty Publishers at

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